Online Casino Bonuses

Fortunately, there are plenty of online gambling portals and online casino sites that can help you search for good online casino bonuses. You will get plenty of responses by simply doing a search on the words “online casino bonuses”. What you really need to know, though, is what bonus options there are. Two of the most important to learn about are the matching/deposit bonus and the ‘no-deposit’ bonus.

The trick is to be sure of what you are actually getting from the bonus. Some online casinos may seem to be offering online casino bonuses without asking anything in return, but after looking closely, you’ll find this isn’t really so. That doesn’t mean that online casino bonuses aren’t good deals. Most, in fact, are great — you just need to know what you are truly getting. For example, when comparing one online casino to another, don’t just just look at the cash amount of the bonus. You should also look at what you must do in order to receive the bonus. Some online casinos may require that you play a lot more than others before you can receive their online casino bonus.

Who are The Best Online Casino Software Providers?

There are few and far between that play online casinos because of who has created the actual casino. One would believe there are only a select few that play at casinos because of they have enjoyed the software that provided them. To those that play at online casinos on a regular basis, the software developer’s names would be on the tips of your tongue; to others that just want to play and try their luck won’t particularly care who built the software as long as the graphics are okay and you win more than you put it.

There are not that many software developers around although one should always be aware of those casinos that provide their own software, this is known as “proprietary” which means the online casino has created and possibly manipulated the software to work mainly and perhaps only in the casinos favor with no payout percentages available.

Software developers such as Microgaming or Rival Casinos or Playtech provide their information publicly with percentage payouts usually in the high nineties meaning you know there is a very good chance that you could come away with something. The three just mentioned are really at the top of the tree when it comes to online casino software developers and are highly trusted and respected throughout the online gambling industry. If you are unaware which software the casino you are playing at falls under, it is always best to check which can be somewhat difficult, particularly with those casinos that simply do not wish you to know of find out. With the top three or four, the casinos that use their software are always proud to be part of them and will proudly display their icons or logos at the bottom of the homepage or possibly under the “About us” section where details on the licensing agreements can also be found.

Another good way of finding out if you are playing at an online casino with reputable software is by checking eCOGRA whose mission it is to check online casinos and portals to investigate whether they are fair or not. They also provide details on payout percentages which are updated on a monthly basis, and possible investigations into rogue casinos or those that do not pay the players or their affiliates. If you decide to join an online casino you could possibly look at why you would join them and perhaps use televisions as an unlikely source. If you are looking for a high quality television that is going to last and comes with a good guarantee then you would most certainly rather put in the extra effort and find one from a well known brand. The same goes for online casinos like Allslots. You realize it is a good quality casino because you have looked into it a bit more and discovered who the software developers are before signing up. All new users and possibly even older players that were unaware of the software developers may wish to look into this before making a final decision. It will certainly make you online gambling a much happier experience.